How to take part in Illustratorium

Illustratorium is a website available to illustrators and publishers with whom we share similarities, methods, visions and projects. Consulting and publishing work on Illustratorium are completely free.

The illustrators are selected by Beppe Chia, Andrea Alberti and Alex Weste from Chialab, with the help of Silvana Sola.

Illustratorium was created as we see illustration, data visualisation and scientific representation as essential components of our graphic and publishing projects. In fact, these elements are so important that we need a space where we can collect iconographic suggestions and contributions that are in harmony with our projects and which we can present to publishers as possible solutions.

So, if you are an illustrator and you would like to display your work on Illustratorium click here and attach 10 of your illustrations to your email, along with a short biography and a description of your work.